Petronas and Sarawak

The goings-on between the Sarawak state government and Petronas was kinda humorous if you ask me. I have been rather hesitant about writing anything about it as it is something that I have very little knowledge of. So when it was reported that matters have been settled and that the Sarawak state government have gotten … More Petronas and Sarawak


Someone emailed me a link to a report by The Edge Markets about Transparency  Internationals’ latest report on their assessment of emerging markets largest  multinationals.  He said that he thought it was interesting so I had a read through. Then of course I just had to follow up with all the related reports to get … More TI

South China Sea

China has gone and done it. They are showing their defiance to The Hague arbitration by conducting military drills around the Paracel Island where they have overlapping claim with Vietnam and Taiwan, although since are claiming the entirety of Taiwan, that kinda eliminate Taiwan from the claimant list in that particular area. The Guardian reported … More South China Sea