new beginnings

My livejournal is in a mess right now.

It was kinda like an online diary where I dumped everything, my first online diary, so it had too many things all jumbled up, and along the way I sorta got too lazy to tag properly.

And so here I am at wordpress, to start a new blog.

This will be different, it is specifically for all things related to O&G now that I am officially in a related industry.

Actually, I have been kinda lurking all over the internet and researching about all O&G stuff since forever, annoying my friends with trivia, news, and general opinions.

My friends call it an obsession, I call it a hobby.

Anyways, this blog will be a repository of all things I have to say/write about matters related to my hobby.

I will also republish articles, commentaries, analysis from other sources that catch my attention.

And this will be a public blog too, so I will be sharing with everyone.

It is an experimental thing, and if I am comfortable with how being public is, I will continue to write deeper, in-depth stuff about it, as my knowledge base becomes deeper and wider.


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