Personally … week in passing

4669175050_25e7944281_oI had some health issues that caused severe limitations to my daily activities.

Just got around to look around for what’s happening around the globe.

The past week sees some things happening, but nothing extraordinarily interesting that would perk my interest.

Oil prices kinda moved closer to the USD50 mark a barrel as production in Africa, Canada and US continues to decline, Iran continues to increase theirs and the Saudis may just decide to increase their own production too.

Although we know that production numbers and stock reserves weren’t really the only determinants to oil prices.

Decisions by the US Federal Reserves make a big difference too to futures trading as the following WSJ report indicated –  Oil Erases Gains as Dollar Strengthens.

Here’s another report – Five things to watch for as oil nears $50 a barrel – which I find an interesting read about what may affect oil prices in the following weeks and months.

On the upside, Petronas launched its second floating LNG unit FLNG2 which will be deployed at Kanowit field.

More good news, Petronas and PetroVietnam extended their PSC for the PM3 CAA project – PetroVietnam, Petronas extend joint upstream oil and gas project to 2027.

While in Canada, a few of the First Nations’ leaders who were opposed to Pacific NorthWest LNG export proposal were planning an expedition to the UN to force their government to stop the project; they kind of reminded me of our own political opposition groups here at home with their “lets go and get the UN to stop them” act.

The good thing is, Petronas is beginning to get some coverage of the good things the project can do for Canada, like this report that was recently published by the LNG World News – Petronas-funded study says LNG would boost Canada’s economy.

Maybe we can begin to expect more balanced reports coming out of Canadian news outlets in the coming months.


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