The South China Sea mess


Reuters reported that The Hague will make a ruling soon with regards to the disputed South China Sea region involving China and multiple Southeast Asian countries including Malaysia.

Apparently the arbitration court hearing the dispute between China and the Philippines will deliver its decision on July 12th.

The thing is, China has never been part of the arbitration, hence has taken an aggressive stance of non-cooperation with whatever the outcome of the said arbitration as they do not recognise the court’s jurisdiction in the matter.

Thing is, the Philippines’ claim over the disputed area overlaps with Vietnam’s, Indonesia’s and Malaysia’s claim too.

Then of course there is that claim on Sabah still on in their political agenda too.


The reason everyone wants sovereignty over this area is clearly for its oil and natural gas deposits and not the fishing areas.

The fishing is nice and all, but lets face it, it is all about petroleum and LNG.

One thing, though, based on the way this was reported by Reuters, at this point they are just trying to eliminate the Chinese from the equation, but we will know soon enough, I guess.

What I don’t get is why can’t China work with Southeast Asian countries to develop the area using dialogue, diplomacy and trade agreements to get things to happen instead of deploying their Navy?

There is so much China can offer in this region and vice versa, what with us all being Asians and having some connection that can be traced into antiquities, but all the positive possibilities are currently being negated by the aggressive vibes of those warships.

And what are the US doing all over this region with their multiple diplomatic and presidential visits, not to mention their warships in a relatively peaceful region, so far from their own territories?

All these sudden American presidential visits in this region within these past couple of years are making me nervous as American presence has never brought peace and prosperity for any nation that do not bow down to them and their goals.

I cannot recall an American president visiting Malaysia after Lyndon Johnson did in the 1960s, and yet here we are having Obama over twice within the span of a couple of years, and the Chinese President dropping by just as frequently, which kinda point to something important going down in the region involving Malaysia.

Being a non-expert in matters of international relations and not working in that particular field, I can’t claim to know much, but what I can personally say is that neither China nor USA are giving us the option to stay neutral.



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