South China Sea


China has gone and done it.

They are showing their defiance to The Hague arbitration by conducting military drills around the Paracel Island where they have overlapping claim with Vietnam and Taiwan, although since are claiming the entirety of Taiwan, that kinda eliminate Taiwan from the claimant list in that particular area.

The Guardian reported that the drills will take place from the 5th to 11th of July and China had warned off people from the area, which is kind of snotty of them, considering The Hague was supposed to make a decision for the Philippines on the 12th.

Although, to be fair, China’s dispute in that particular area is with Vietnam and Taiwan, not really with the Philippines.

To think I just wrote about this in my previous post.

I am expecting more diplomatic missions representing American interests coming our way soon, if it isn’t already happening.

The Americans, I am sure, are trying to find a new strategic base in the South China Sea, close enough to where the action is, but with a lot less likelihood of being buried under volcanic dust and without the baggage of a historical withdrawal from a long drawn out war on foreign land.

It is amazing what powerful nations would do in order to control the flow of petroleum and LNG.

In the mean time crude prices are still hovering around the USD50/barrel level as world events continue to influence their rise and fall.





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