Random: Resuming life

I am back from a long break after the Eid holidays and the work that has been piling up these past couple of weeks have cleared up a bit.

So I now have a bit of free time to pursue some hobbies including reading up on happenings around the globe.

The problem is, just as work piled up in my absence, so did my alerts mailing lists which had accumulated to over 300 notices over the fortnight.  Let’s not even begin with my tlist over at twitter.

Amazing what a couple of weeks can happen to O&G all over the world right now.

Amidst all the notices that I received in my mailbox, one caught my attention, being funny and pretty random, since my “follow” list tend to be exclusively related to O&G.

Apparently there was a study published by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health recently that linked fracking to premature births.  Like, excuse me?

There were a couple of disputes against the study, but I decided not to follow that through as there isn’t any kind of fracking activities within 100 km radius of my living space, so me and my neighbors would technically be pretty safe from any possible premature birthing.

I won’t even go into the details of the study and the arguments against it, but if anyone is even remotely interested in the topic, here are a few links (which I may just want to pursue when I have nothing better to do with my time, hence the reason for this posting anyway):

Study: Fracking Industry Wells Associated With Premature Birth

*UPDATE* Researchers’ Own Data Contradict Conclusion Linking HF to Premature Births

Expert Pens Scathing Rebuke of Study Attempting to Link Fracking to Premature Births



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